Ages at Star Basketball Academy

Star Basketball Academy is located in central venues in Sharjah and Dubai and is open to ages 4 years to 16 years of age. We encourage all ages and abilities to register as we have highly qualified coaches from the U.K and U.S.A that understand the different developmental stages of children. We offer professional Basketball classes in Dubai and Sharjah that will exceed your expectations. Our Basketball Training Program is the very best on the market and with our wide range of ages, we have something for everyone.


Star Basketball Academy, Information on Player Ages for Basketball Coaching & Training. Basketball Coaching from ages 4 to 16 with professional UK & USA Basketball Coaches. Enrol Now for Basketball for kids Ages 4 to 16

Features of Ages with Star Basketball Academy:

  • Basketball classes for boys and girls aged from 4 years to 16 years of age.
  • Sessions are spilt into multi-leveled groups so that different ages and abilities are coached and taught skills appropriate for that level.
  • We have lessons available for both boys and girls aw we encourage both genders to participate in Basketball to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • We have an E-Learning system that supports all ages and abilities. Players can watch videos with their families before and after a session.
  • The E-Learning system is also used for communication, feedback and a performance report with age-specific language.
  • Coaches track the players using reflective practice to develop and work with the player to set achievable goals and personal targets.
  • Head coach and other staff have Bachelor of Physical Education which supports the program development as they have many years of working in international schools with various ages of students.
  • 90-minute sessions allow for focused skills to be taught and practiced. A team game at the end gives players the opportunity practices their skills in action.
  • Coaches use the freeze method where during the game they stop the players to discuss possible actions that are in the best interest of the player or outcome of the game. Using age-appropriate language players get the opportunity to further develop their decision making.

Star Basketball Academy supports all ages and abilities:

  • Our distinctive programs use age appropriate techniques as we have professional U.K. and U.S.A coaches. Players learn all aspects of the game including ball skills, dribbling, shooting and decision making skills in Basketball.
  • Safe and supportive environment with coaching and player ratio for differentiated groups that have individualized programs.
  • Players learn with peers of similar age and skill level to promote the success of each player.
  • We use the best international skills and techniques to support session development and coaching practices.
  • Our core values make us the leading Basketball Academy as we use many strategies to make each player feel valued and maintain a caring engaging environment.
  • Games on a regular basis with friendly games, tournaments and leagues with other Academies in the region that gives each player a chance to use their skills in gameplay situations.
  • Goal setting and reflection is important as our coaches work closely with players to build upon strengths and support more difficult areas.

At Star Basketball Academy we aim to give players lifelong learning skills that are valuable to the future goals of our students. This includes leadership skills, social skills and encouraging our players to try their best and persevere.