Basketball Club in Dubai

The best Basketball club in Dubai is with Star Basketball Academy. We have it all Experienced qualified coaches from the U.K. & U.S.A, Amazing Facilities, Exceptional Basketball Training Program, UAEs First Basketball Online E-Learning System, Professional staff and much more!

Join the most outstanding Basketball Club in Dubai. There are many reasons to join Star Basketball Academy:

  • Secure, safe and supporting environment that promotes player’s deep learning, reflection and risk-taking.
  • Well rounded program that differentiates their coaching techniques for each ability and age group to suit that developmental level.
  • Individualized programs to make sure beginners master the fundamentals of Basketball, while more advanced players are challenged to advance their skills and learn more in-depth gameplay tactics.
  • Sessions are offered all year round so that players get consistent learning opportunities for deeper learning.
  • Players have opportunities to play in regular games that help in problem-solving situations and applying skills that they have practiced in sessions.
  • Regular games also provide social skills such as leadership, fair play, respect, and team building.
  • Our Basketball in club fosters strong values of reflection, setting goals, working at player’s best ability, having respect for all members of the club including team players, coaches, and parents.

Star Basketball Club in Dubai

What makes Our Basketball Club better then the rest:

Star Basketball Academy has these incredible features:

  • Experienced coaches with U.S.A & U.K Qualifications that understand each developmental stage of every individual player.
  • Great value of 90-minute lessons that incorporate a team game to give players the chance to practice the skills learned during the session.
  • E-Learning System the first of its kind for a Basketball Club in Dubai. Members can watch sessions before and after their lesson, have regular communication with the coaches and receive feedback from coaches on their skill development.
  • A thorough progress performance report is given to help players track their progress, set achievable goals and reflect on their learning.
  • Our core value is that every child is and individual and we focus on building all our members up as we focus less on the winning aspect and more on the development of each player.
  • Build partnerships with the wider community through friendly matches, tournaments, and promotions.
  • All players are given the opportunity to play in friendly games, tournaments and league games. We encourage real-life situations for players to showcase their skills and develop in each learning experience.
  • Professional Staff with open communication including coaches, administration, managers, players, and parents.
  • Easy Registration – Register online, pay in cash 15 minutes before the session or use a bank transfer. There are cycle of payment of 4 weeks or 12 weeks.

Why miss out on the fun? Join the best Basketball Club in Dubai. We are waiting for you!