Basketball Qualified Coaches

The Star Basketball Academy has coaches with qualification from the UK and have the experience in coaching within the UAE and internationally such as the UK, Europe and the USA. Our coaches understand the modern basketball training skills and work with each player to bring out their full potential.

The coaches work using different methods to support players to acquire skills such a ball handling, Shooting, Passing, Defense and Game knowledge for effective decision making on the court.  Our coaches a passionate about giving players the opportunities of being great basketball players and every child is supported effectively in every session. Our Basketball Training program uses focused targets during each session and tracks the players to support areas of improvement. Our Basketball coaches strive to cover all different styles of teaching in every session and we change the programs that we have to suit our player’s needs and abilities.

Unique aspect of our basketball training in Dubai and Sharjah

The most unique aspect of our basketball training in Dubai and Sharjah is the E-Learning System that has been developed especially for our Academy as we are the first Academy to have a database system like this available. With players being able to view the session goals and videos before and after the lessons. Also the coaches are able give students individual feedback. Parents, players and coaches can use the E-Learning system for communication, to update information and to receive the latest information. Incredibly this system also give coaches the ability to give each child a performance report every 4 weeks to reflect on development and to continually strive to support each player reach their goals.

At Star Basketball Academy we want our players to soar and develop not only physically but mentally to achieve the right attitude of fair play, team work, self-confidence and lead a healthy lifestyle. The coaches also use the method of creating the same game scenarios during Basketball Training Sessions so that the players can practice and implement their skills in a safe and fun environment.  Reflection is the key to success and our professional basketball coaches use this as a teaching tool for setting goals with the players.

what is our Focus at Star Basketball Academy

Our focus is not about winning as an individual but learning and developing as part of a team that plays together and understands the dynamics and positions of the game. We have regular friendly games, leagues and tournaments to support players so that they can have the experience of working in a team, use decision making, practicing the skills learned in action and most importantly to have fun.