Basketball tournaments

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Star Basketball Academy gives opportunities for its members to take part in Basketball Tournaments. This gives player’s valuable opportunities to play against teams from many Emirates across the UAE. There are many positive aspects of playing in Tournaments that help each individual player reach their full potential.

Here are some features that the Basketball tournaments have.

  • All abilities and skills are catered for as players are divided into groups so that they are playing with similar ages and abilities.
  • Playing games in tournaments builds confidence, leadership skills, team work, and reflection.
  • Basketball tournament games allows players to reinforce their skills learned in sessions and problem solve situations on the court.
  • We use the latest technology and record games using our own video recording cameras imported from the U.K. for later reflection. Feedback is given and players use reflection to track their development and set achievable goals.
  • The E-Learning System, website and social media informs parents of upcoming Basketball Tournaments and shares information online.
  • The E-Learning system also support students in giving feedback, communicating with parents and players as well as providing a performance report.
  • Coaches and players reflect together to set goals and targets that support and encourage the development of each player.

Basketball Tournaments with Star Basketball Academy

How are Basketball Tournament Games supported?

  • Coaches have the latest teaching techniques and are qualified from the U.K & U.S.A. They support tactical play and give players the opportunity to apply their knowledge of skills practiced in sessions.
  • Positive language is used to encourage players and is modeled by all staff at Star Basketball Academy.
  • Tournaments provide parents, coaches and most importantly players the opportunity to have communication and share their encouragement with others for fair play, to support one another and showcase their skills.
  • We do not focus on winning but reflect on the progress of team and player development. Player can use their game experience to work with the coach to build achievable targets and goals.

Star Basketball Academy has built positive relationships in the wider community. Having regular Basketball Tournaments allows the Star Basketball Academy to showcase the accomplishments of our team members. We take pride in every individual player and share our core values of celebrating the achievements of the team that includes fair play, team work and achieving personal goals.