Basketball Training for Girls

Star Basketball Academy supports children of all backgrounds in participating in our Basketball program in Dubai, Sharjah and throughout the UAE. Basketball Training for Girls has also been our Academies goal as we like to get as many people involved in health and fitness including both genders as we believe in equality in sports and the wider community.

Our Basketball Training for Girls Program has the following features:

  • Basketball classes are available for ages 3 years to 16 years of age. Sessions are available for 12 months of the year including during holiday times.
  • The facilities have outstanding equipment and have air conditioning, bathroom and seating facilities.
  • There are professional U.K. and U.S.A qualified coaches that differentiate sessions to suit different ages and abilities.
  • The Star Basketball Academy staff also have experienced coaches including the Director with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree who has worked with all year’s levels over 15 years in an international school setting.
  • Children are separated into ability groups so that they receive focused skills and are given individual attention.
  • Amazing Online E-Learning System that is the First in a Basketball Academy in the UAE. Watch videos and sessions, communicate with coaches and receive performance reports and regular feedback on your child’s development.
  • 90 minute lessons that provide a team game to support players and their skills.

Basketball Training for Girls

Basketball training for girls is supported by the Star Basketball Academy. All players are given support and respect and hare encouraged to work at their full potential.

  • Strong coaching practices from the U.K. and U.S.A for best coaching practice.
  • Players learn with peers of similar age and skill level to promote the success of each player.
  • Coaches use cognitive skills as well as physical skills such as decision making on the court.
  • Coaches often stop training or games to analyze with players the options they have in their gameplay to help players make informed decisions during a Basketball Game.
  • Basketball Program that uses the latest technology with its E-Learning Online System. Players can look at session before and after their training, communicate with the coach and will receive a performance report for feedback for each individual player.
  • Reflective practice is part of the Basketball Training Program as coaches support and encourage players to set goal and continue developing their skills.

Star Basketball Training for Girls has built positive relationships in the wider community and encourage more girls to get involved in sports. Star Basketball Academy share our core values of celebrating the achievements of the team that includes fair play, team work and achieving personal goals.