Why are we the Best Basketball Academy in Dubai?

STAR BASKETBALL ACADEMY | Why we are the best basketball academy in Dubai.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe that Star Basketball Academy is the best basketball academy in Dubai. Give us a chance and register your child for a free trial lesson. Book here these are our locations.

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Star Basketball Academy in Dubai  

We have a basketball training program that is original and like no other in the UAE. We have experienced qualified coaches that create a safe and fun environment for each individual child to learn and develop in basketball. With the latest coaching techniques, we will have your child shooting, dribbling and playing basketball to reach their full potential.

Main Features of Star Basketball Academy in Dubai:

  • For children ages 5 years to 16 years of age (Boys & Girls).
  • Coaches are Highly qualified f the USA with many years’ experience.
  • Our facilities are top rate and high quality.
  • We have sessions that continue all year round (12 months of the year).
  • We cater for all abilities and skills and have coaches that differentiate for each player.
  • Our online E-Learning system compliments our coaching with videos, feedback and more
  • A performance report is given to each player for parents to track the development of their child.

Star Basketball Academy in Dubai 

Basketball Training Program developed to support players in skills of ball handling, passing, shooting and decision making on the court. All abilities and skills are catered for each player to reach their full potential.

  • Modern and latest coaching from the USA that forms a strong coaching practice that promotes the best learning environment.
  • Amazing coaching/player ratio with groups that are differentiated into age and ability groups for quality learning.
  • Every group has an individualized program and each player is coached to suit their learning style.
  • Players are encouraged and expertly guided into decision making on the court, coaches often freeze a game to look at tactics and gameplay to develop a players understanding of the game. This technique teaches players to make informed decisions during basketball games.
  • We have regular friendly games and tournaments that put skills learned in basketball training into action. All payers have the opportunity to participate.
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Why choose Star Basketball academy in Dubai

  • We have the first academy E-Learning program that gives players the opportunity to view session videos before and after a lesson, also a performance report is given on the feedback of players. It is also used a reflection tool as players, parents and coaches can communicate with each other.
  • Goal setting and reflection is important as our coaches work closely with players to build upon strengths and support more difficult areas.
  • Our basketball academy classes in Dubai have regular friendly games, leagues and tournaments where all players are welcome.
  • The sessions are great value as their duration is 60 mins as this allows for a game to be played to reinforce the skills learned in the session.
  • We have an open communication policy where players, parents and coaches are able to speak regularly to each other.

At Star Basketball Academy we aim to give players lifelong learning skills that are valuable to the future goals of our students. This includes leadership skills, social skills and encouraging our players to try their best and persevere.