E learning Basketball Training


Star Basketball Academy has an amazing E-Learning system designed to offer open communication with parents, players and coaches. There are many features for our online system that perfectly complements our Basketball Training Program in Dubai. Our E-Learning system helps players and their families to easily communicate and find information that they need. This system is futures based as it mixes technology with learning in the sporting community. The E-Learning system has videos for players that attend the basketball classes in Dubai to watch before and after a session that shows technical and tactical skills to reinforce understand and support practice at home. There is a communication portal for players, parents and coaches and feedback is often given to the player after a game or session. A performance review is also given at intervals that show the development of the player’s basketball skills. This report is used as a reflection tool to help the player set goals. Our online system is a unique experience and has proven effective especially in keeping families up to date and storing data. Our philosophy and strong educational background make our basketball training program the leading Basketball Academy in Dubai and UAE.  Our head coach understands that children also need visual learning and may need more time to allow information and skills to be taught. There are different ways of leaning and our online platform caters to the needs of our players learning style. The most important aspect of our basketball club in Dubai is that our players have fun and are encouraged to participate. Our focus is not on scoring or winning, but rather reflect and learn from these experiences.

E learning Basketball Training

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Star Basketball Academy offers members free basketball training program videos that provide one-on-one support at home, for parents to help their child develop their skills.

View our amazing Basketball Training Videos

We are proud at Star Basketball Academy of our video library with professional videos hand selected and created by our management and coaching team. These amazing online resources help to reinforce and practice skills such as dribbling, shooting, scoring and learning about the positions and tactics on the court. Each video compliments a session with visual and practical learning as the coach of the session will organize the video to be uploaded before the session is taught.

How parents can help their child at home with individual Basketball training practice?

Each individual basketball skill is the focus in each video which allows parents and their child to view and practice together. The videos show information in simple step-by-step instructions.

How will the E-Learning Video Library be used?

The E-Learning video resources will be uploaded each week to complement our basketball session program. Players can log on and watch the skills of that week’s lessons. These resources support parents and players in helping improve the development of the player and could aid in them reaching their full potential. We are excited to have launched this program and look forward to receiving feedback. Please enjoy watching!