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At Star Basketball Academy we complement our basketball training program in Dubai by having regular games for all our members to participate in. Our fixtures include friendly games, tournaments and leagues. These games are played with other academies or schools and can also include visiting international academies that are in partnership with the Star Basketball Academy. Games are exciting to play and watch and players learn a lot from applying their skills in real life situations. We are unique as well give all players the opportunity to play regardless of age, skill or ability. Our aim is to encourage players to use problem solving and skills in real life situations during games which helps every player to reach their personal goals and to become confident basketball players.

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 Star Basketball Academy Fixtures ket points 

Weekly friendly games are played between academies or other basketball clubs in the UAE.

  • Tournaments and leagues are also organized regularly and offer players to meet other teams throughout the UAE and international visiting teams.
  • All members of Star Basketball Academy are encouraged to play in games as we focus on building confidence and belonging to a team.
  • We focus on the gameplay rather than the score using reflection to support players in achieving their personal goals and developing their decision making skills.
  • Team work and supporting each other is part of our value system and learning how to work effectively as a team.
  • Fair play, respect for everybody including the opposing team is utmost important to our values.
  • Players are divided into multi-levels to give players the opportunity to play with others of similar skills and succeed.

Star Football Academy fixtures support by coaches 

Developing basketball players learn when using their skills in action through real life situations. At Star Basketball Academy in Dubai, our coaches understand the importance of providing these fixtures as a way of engaging players to practice skills, tactics and decision making. This helps players to apply their knowledge and skill in a dynamic and engaging environment and our experienced USA coaches understand that games also serve valuable coaching opportunities.

How coaches use fixtures to support and improve the development of players:

  • Coaches guide players in tactical play that supports children to apply their knowledge of basketball and to reinforce what has been practised in their basketball sessions in Dubai and Sharjah 
  • Coaches use a reflection of the game performance to help guide players for further basketball development in tactical and technical skills. Coaches are always supportive and only use a positive approach in goal setting with their students.
  • Positive language and encouraging communication skills are modelled in our coaches as we believe in building up a player’s confidence not tearing a player down.
  • Fixtures provide parents, players and coaches the opportunity to have communication, show respect for one another and to celebrate the skills and confidence of each player
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