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Star Basketball Academy participates in friendly games on a weekly basis. We support the development of our players and friendly games encourage children to develop and practice the technical and tactical skills they have learned in the sessions. Friendly games are not as competitive as league games and tournaments but give players the experience of playing with other teams from schools and academies across the UAE.

Some great benefits of playing friendly games with Star Basketball Academy.

  • Gives valuable opportunities to play against different Basketball academies across the UAE.
  • Friendly games support the player to take risks and try their technical and tactical skills in a real-life gameplay situation to reach their full potential.
  • Players build confidence, learn leadership skills, teamwork and reflect on their personal goals.
  • The friendly games allow coaches to build trust and support the players. Working as a team and following a tactical plan during the game.
  • Skills and decision making are practiced and put into action to problem solve different gameplay situations.
  • Coaches are highly experienced and U.K and U.S.A qualified and used every moment to expertly coach and train our players in a professional, supportive and caring environment.
  • Star Basketball Academy uses the latest E-Learning technology that has online resources such as session videos that players can view before and after a session. Also the online system is used for communication, feedback and a performance report is sent to track the development of each player and to help support achievable goals.
  • The E-Learning System, website and social media inform parents of upcoming friendly and shares information online.
  • Coaches and players reflect together after each game to set goals and targets that support and encourage the development of each player and the team.

Friendly Games with Star Basketball Academy

Why are friendly games important?

  • Our coaches qualified from U.K and U.S.A use the latest coaching techniques that support the tactical play and give players the opportunity to practice skills learned during the sessions.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in all ages and abilities. Teams are leveled so that players are supported to succeed with other players of similar age and abilities.
  • Friendly games allow players to work as a team, build leadership skills and work with the coach in gameplay.
  • Friendly games give communication pathways for parents, coaches and players in a positive environment.
  • Positive language is used and the focus is on gameplay and reflecting on the game rather than the score.
  • Values of fair play, teamwork, respect are celebrated and used to help players set achievable goals and strive for their personal best.

Star Basketball Academy promotes our values during friendly games and supports an encouraging environment that promotes fair play, sportsmanship in a team and leading a healthy lifestyle.