Star Basketball  Academy Values

Values at Star Basketball Academy

Professional Coaches at Star Basketball Academy, Quality ACEP Qualified Coaches, with 13 Years’ Experience in the UAE. Our Basketball Coaches use the latest coaching techniques to suit every child’s needs and abilities.

At Star Basketball Academy we have the highest standards in making sure we have a supportive environment that allows each player to thrive and reach their full potential.  Here are the key values that of our Basketball Club: 

Our Values

Supportive Environment

Our main focus is having an open communication policy that builds strong relationships between players, parents,  coaches and the wider community. It is vital that our players feel valued and supported by learning in a positive environment. We also have many communication pathways such as face-to-face, telephone, email and our fantastic E-Learning System.

Teaching and Coaching

The Star Basketball Academy has highly qualified coaches from the UK with the latest knowledge and understanding of training techniques. We have high expectations in how we coach our players and make sure to support each child by differentiating our programs and sessions to support their needs. We are the first UAE Basketball Academy to use technology in our E-Learning system that provides incredible learning opportunities for each child.


In each session or game we promote a positive approach using encouraging positive language, team work, fair play and inclusiveness. Respect is highly expected between everyone including players, coaches, opposing teams and families. This is important in the lifelong learning of each player as they will learn skills of working respectively in a team.


At Star Basketball Academy we use reflective practices to support players in making better decision making. Reflection is a main tool to help guide players into better problem solving that helps players set goals to develop their strengths and support areas they are still developing. The E-Learning plays a big part in this as a performance report is given to give feedback on the child’s developmental journey and to plan future goals. ball Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment that brings out the best in our players.

Healthy Lifestyle

Star Basketball Academy encourages also encourages our players and their families to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We often discuss nutrition for a well – balanced diet and being active. Playing a sport such as Basketball can give children the health benefit of physical fitness and also understand the foods they need to give them fuel when playing sport.