Playing basketball games

Star Basketball Academy encourages its players in playing games on a regular basis. Playing games on a regular basis supports the development of the player’s skills and allow them to work on areas that they find difficult. Star Basketball Academy gives all its members the opportunity of participating in friendly games, league games, and tournaments. Games are played with other Academies and schools and can also include visiting international teams. Playing in Basketball games encourages players to work with each other as a team and players learn a lot when applying problem-solving and gameplay skills on the court.

Playing Basketball games with Star basketball Academy

Star Basketball Academy is unique as we give all our players the opportunity to play regardless of age, skill and abilities.

Here is some key element of playing games with Star Basketball Academy.

Weekly friendly games that are played with other schools and Academies across the UAE.

  • League Games and Tournaments are also played on a regular schedule and include schools, academies and clubs.
  • Star Basketball Academy has international partnerships and will play with international visiting teams.
  • Star Academy players are supported with experienced U.K and U.S.A qualified coaches.
  • Playing games builds confidence and self-reflection for players to enjoy the game and learn about their skills.
  • Star Basketball looks at gameplay rather than scores. A good game played or an area for improvement is much more valuable than the score of the game.
  • Our values foster a team environment that supports each other and is part of our values of working together as a team.
  • Fair play, working as a team and respect for everyone is part of our core values and are non-negotiable.
  • Players are divided into multi-level teams so that players are playing with other teams of similar skill and have successes.
  • Events are communicated using the E-Leaning System and social media. What’s app and the website also keep families updated and have information on upcoming events.

Playing Games Complements our Basketball Training Program

Playing regular basketball games give players real-life situations to practice their skills, tactics and decision making. Star Basketball Academy in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE understand the importance of engaging players and use these games as a wonderful coaching opportunity and player reflection tool.

  • During games our experienced U.K and U.S.A qualified coaches to guide players in tactical play where players apply their knowledge of what has been taught in basketball sessions.
  • Reflection is guided by coaches for game performance and helps set small goals and targets for players to improve their basketball technical and tactical skills and understanding.
  • Coaches use positive language approach to support goal setting and analyzing the game play of the day.
  • All staff at Star Basketball Academy use positive language and encourage comminication skills as our core value are to build all players up and encourage them to be the best of themselves not to tear a player down.
  • Playing games give coaches, players, and families the opportunity to communicate with each other on common ground. Respect, open communication and celebrating any achievement is key to supporting a safe, caring and learning environment.


Star Basketball Academy promotes our values during playing games and supports an encouraging environment that promotes fair play, sportsmanship in a team and leading a healthy lifestyle. Playing games is a time of having fun and enjoying time with families, friends, and coaches.