Professional Basketball Coaches – Meet the Team

Professional Basketball Coaches

Professional Coaches at Star Basketball Academy, Quality UK Qualified Coaches, with 13 Years’ Experience in the UAE. Our Basketball Coaches use the latest coaching techniques to suit every child’s needs and abilities.

Anees Makrous is highly qualified has had over 12 years’ experience as a physical education in the UAE within an international school setting. He graduated with a Physical Education Degree and has been part of developing and implementing Health and Physical Education Curriculums in international schools in the UAE. His experience offers much more than coaching as he has an in-depth knowledge of the developmental stages of children, this incudes positive language to encourage behavior and encouragement, differentiation to suit all students, tracking students and supporting each individual child to suit their needs and abilities.

Anees began his love for basketball as he played in his younger years joining a local Basketball Club and built his way up into playing for the regional team and winning national tournaments with his team in Lebanon. As he excelled at many sports including Basketball he wanted to teach children the health and fitness aspects of being active and decided then that he wanted to be a Physical Education teacher with the particular interest in coaching. He has been the Inter-School Sports Coordinator and Chairman of EISSA (The Emirates International Schools Sports Association) and was responsible for organizing sporting activities for over 10 schools between Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. He has developed Sporting Coaching Programs at the American University of Sharjah with the university team as well as the Wellness Program for kids from 4 years old to 16 years old.