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When joining the Star Basketball Academy, we want to make the onboarding process as easy as possible. Giving the young basketball talent in our region the opportunity they need to play, grow, and thrive is something we take a great sense of pride in. That is why we have developed the simplest sign-up process possible in the form of our Star Basketball Academy app.

From online coaching lessons to help your child understand the drills before the lesson starts to video drills to improve his basic skills, our app supports all of our players willing to start playing, training, and learning basketball. Your child can enjoy a competitive sport experience that improves their personal physique, their social capacity, and their athletic ability.

Whether you wish to easily register your child or view lessons online, you can download our app today and get involved!

The Star Basketball Academy app

Our app has been designed for both Android and iOS usage. You can download the app on any major OS, and look forward to using services such as:

  •   Sign-up and join our Star Basketball Academy classes, filling in the online application.
  •   Access online e-learning, training, and tutorials so that you can improve at home.
  •   Redeem our Star Basketball Academy points to earn equipment, lessons, and more.

Everything that we offer as part of the wider Star Basketball Academy app program is to give our players all support both offline and online to become basketball players. 

Playing basketball is a widely enjoyable team sport, offering a unique social experience. It is about more than simply getting into good physical shape. When you take part at Star, you are taking part in a Dubai basketball academy that looks to help you:

  •   Learn about your teammates, understanding the essential value of mutual respect.
  •   Supporting your team through the good and the bad, ensuring you stick together as a team.
  •   Providing the facilities that you need to improve your game, your stamina, and your physique.
  •   Competitive games that boost confidence and belief, helping you to become a team leader.
  •   Improve your ability to solve issues together as a team, as friends, and as partners.
  •   Developing people skills and problem solving techniques useful on and off the court.
  •   Accepting your own limits and working as a team to create a whole team strength.

Everything that you could need from our basketball coaching can be provided to you starting from today. To get involved, all that you need to do is download the Star Basketball Academy app today. Let’s have fun, and make you a better player!