Star Basketball Academy Sharjah

Star Basketball Academy is the First E-Learning Basketball Academy in the UAE. The Academies outstanding program has highly Qualified Coaches from the U.K. and the U.S.A. Players have Basketball training in a fun and safe environment to suit the individual needs of all player’s skills and abilities. Sessions are for ages 4 years to 16 years of age.

Star Basketball  Academy in Sharjah

Our Basketball training in Sharjah is exceptional as we have extremely qualified and experienced coaches. The Sharjah Basketball Academy inspires a safe environment that gives players the opportunities to fully develop their skills in basketball. The Academy uses the latest technology with the E-Learning platform that allows players to watch videos online, communicate with coaches and receive feedback.

These are the main features of Star Basketball Academy in Sharjah:

  • Coaches that are highly experiences and qualified for the U.S.A and U.K.
  • Sessions that continue throughout the year. (Full 12 months).
  • For boys and girls aged between 4 years and 16 years.
  • Excellent Facilities that have top rate equipment.
  • Have programs for all abilities and skill level that are differentiated by our experienced coaches.
  • Latest technology with our E-Learning system that works alongside our coaches with videos, communication, feedback and much more.
  • Players receive a performance report to give feedback on the development of the player.
  • The Basketball Academy has regular friendly games, tournaments and league games that give opportunities for all players.
  • 90 minute sessions mean players get more value for money. The extra tie allows for a game to be played that reinforces understanding of skills learned during the session.
  • Regular communication between coaches, players and parents with our open communication policy.


Basketball Training Sharjah

The Basketball Training Program specializes in supporting players with the fundamentals of basketball such as ball handling, shooting, passing and decision making on the court. Star Basketball Academy in Sharjah is committed to coach every child’s skill and ability so that they reach their full potential.

  • Strong coaching practices from the U.K. and U.S.A for best coaching practice.
  • Safe and supportive environment with coaching and player ratio for differentiated groups that have individualized programs.
  • Players learn with peers of similar age and skill level to promote the success of each player.
  • Coaches use cognitive skills as well as physical skills such as decision making on the court. Often stopping training or games to analyze with players the options they have in their gameplay. This creates players that make informed decisions during a Basketball Game.
  • Basketball Program that uses the latest technology with its E-Learning Online System. Players can look at session before and after their training, communicate with the coach and will receive a performance report for feedback for each individual player.
  • Reflective practice is part of the Basketball Training Program as coaches support and encourage players to set goal and continue developing their skills.

Star Basketball Academy in Sharjah values lifelong learning and gives players opportunities to reflect and build on their skills. Basketball can build many skills such as leadership, social and emotional interactions and striving to do their best to reach personal goals.

Basketball Academy in Sharjah

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