Join Basketball For Kids. Professional Basketball Coaching for kids aged 4 to 16 with professional USA & UK Basketball Coaches. Play for fun, friendly games, tournaments & More. Enrol for Basketball for Kids at Star Basketball Academy Dubai & Sharjah

Learn Basketball for Kids in a fun, safe and dynamic atmosphere with Star Basketball Academy. Our coaches are highly experienced and are qualified from the U.K and U.S.A. Our 90 minute lessons are great value for money as we cater to the ages of 4 years to 16 years of age. We program for different abilities and uses our E-Learning online system to support payers and their families with online videos, communication and progress reports.

The benefits of Basketball for Kids with Star Basketball Academy are:

  • Qualified coaches for the U.S.A and the UK
  • Offered for boys and girls aged 5-18 years of age.
  • Facilities and basketball sessions are available all year round for the whole 12 months of the year.
  • All abilities are supported and differentiated in our own specialized training program.
  • E-Learning system, gives the ability to view session drills before and after the basketball training session.
  • Online system is also used for communication, feedback and a performance report.
  • Players have opportunities to play in regular friendly games, league games and tournaments.
  • Sessions run for 60 minutes so that players can have a team game and reinforce their skills.

Star Basketball Academy supports all abilities in their Basketball for Kids:

  • Our distinctive programs have professional U.K. and U.S.A coaches who give players the opportunities to learn all aspects of the game.
  • Safe and supportive environment with coaching and player ratio for differentiated groups that have individualized programs.
  • Players learn with peers of similar age and skill level to promote the success of each player.
  • We use the best international skills and techniques to support session development and coaching practices
  • The sessions cover all elements of the game including ball skills, dribbling, shooting and problem-solving.
  • Basketball Program that uses the latest technology with its E-Learning Online System. Mem bers can look at sessions before and after their training. Players and parents can communicate with the coach and will receive a performance report for feedback for each individual player.
  • Reflective practice is part of the Basketball Training Program as coaches support and encourage players to set goal and continue developing their skills.

At Star Basketball Academy our team aims to expand the success of our member such a fostering leadership skills and lifelong learning that will positively influence each player’s future.